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Binge your way through an apocalypse like no other. #1 International bestselling series. 25hrs run time.

Dystopia 2099 - Biohacked v1_1b vAudiobook1 v600x600.jpg


A cyberpunk thriller with dark comedy and breathtaking scenes. Gene editing goes rogue. 10hrs run time.

Dystopia 2099 - Spacejacked v1_2b vAudiobook1 v600x600.jpg


A cyberpunk space adventure packed with action and hilarity. First contact with a twist. 8hrs run time.

Dystopia 2099 - Tree-N-A v3_2 vAudiobook1 v600x600.jpg


A cyberpunk jungle adventure packed with action, twists, and dark comedy. This forest fights back.12hrs run time.



A philosophical sci-fi tale of love and loss, with a dash of steampunk. A world where nothing is as it seems. 11hrs run time.

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Make it soon (podcast)

A limited series pop-science podcast hosted by Marcus Martin. Discover the sci-fi inventions that are becoming a reality - and meet the people behind them. 9hrs run time.