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Oh hey. I'm Marcus (Martin). You're on my "about" page, so I guess I should tell you some stuff about me. (I'm assuming it's me you want to know about. If not, then this is gonna be weird for both of us. I guess we're committed now...)

I'm a Wessex boy, born and raised in the historic city of Winchester, England. If you're unfamiliar with the term "Wessex", I recommend you check out the gory medieval BBC/Netflix joint series "The Last Kingdom". It basically sums up my upbringing. Spoilers: those Vikings were hassle.

Alright, full disclosure, my upbringing was happily free from marauding Scandinavians. The ones I've met since have proven to be consistently lovely, and really know where to draw the line when it comes to pillage and plunder.


I left Winchester dreaming of becoming a composer, rock star, and general musician-type. Alas, having the vocal range of a single octave and an aversion to overly late nights, it's not a huge puzzler I never headlined Glastonbury. 

Three years of London left me gasping for trees and a lower skyline. I found myself at Cambridge, doing a couple of postgraduate degrees - first in the psychology of music, and then in Middle Eastern socio-politics.


I went to great lengths to ensure my postgrad studies came top of the list at all times - the list of things I really must get on with, as soon as this next show run is over... 

In other words, I discovered the theater scene, got hooked, did every play I could cram in, as well as a bunch of stand up comedy, and went to the Edinburgh festival for a few glorious summers to perform both.

After that I travelled, living and working for a few months in the USA, then Germany, before moving back to lovely Cambridge.

Somewhere over the Atlantic I decided it would be a jolly good idea to become a writer. I'd dabbled in radio comedy and stand-up, and had a number of sitcom spec scripts kicking around various digital drawers, which I'd written chiefly for my own amusement. Returning to Cambridge, I wrote and staged my first three plays - two comedies and a drama - before deciding I was ready to turn my hand to books. 

It took four years to write and finish the Convulsive series, alongside working mostly full-time, and latterly part-time, alongside some intense jobs, grim commutes (London's tendrils got me again), and several house moves. 

But I persevered, proudly completing the series in fall 2019. Within a few months of completion, the series became an international #1 best seller on Amazon. Since then I've thrown myself fully into writing. On the side, I present the cult pop-sci podcast Make It Soon, and keep my hand in at composing. I'm also active in environmental conservation cos, you know, trees...

2020 has seen the birth of my new series People of Change, and my first standalone novel, Finality, both of which will be coming out the first half of 2021. I've also enjoyed returning to my comedy roots a little, so readers looking for relief from our present global predicament can escape through the comedy of Luke Remini's adventures, starting with People of Water.

I love hearing from my readers, and reply to every email, so drop me a line anytime! 

I'm also available for multi-million pound film deals, so if you're a producer with deep pockets, hit me up. 

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Marcus :-) 

Cambridge, Nov 2020