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Help! My Kid Turned Vegan

​This hilarious parody will help both sides see the funny side of veganism. Prepare to cry with laughter, instead of despair.


Satirical topics include:

  • essential comebacks all non-vegans should know

  • spotting a vegan in a crowd

  • how to shut a vegan up

  • anatomy of the vegan brain

  • role play exercises

  • comedy quizzes

  • spoof vegan astrology lessons

  • heaps of hysterical memes to keep you laughing throughout

BONUS: free audio commentary available for every copy. Preachy vegans love droning on – turn it to your advantage. Hand your vegan this book, sit back, and enjoy your tailor-made podcast. If you want to pause at any time, throw some coconut ice cream into the corner and creep away while they're distracted.

Ideal gift for vegans and non-vegan friends/relatives alike.

From multi award winning author (and cheerful vegan) Marcus Martin.

Suitable for all ages, including grandparents wondering where the family went so wrong.