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The Flood

What would you do if your world was swept away? Gaius must master reality as it dissolves around him in this dark and surrealist odyssey.

Slight Hitch

The fate of the wedding rests in their hands. That’s a lot of responsibility, when you’re made of icing. Meet Henry and Angela. Their job is to ensure the big day goes smoothly. But one of them has a hidden agenda….

Good idea, Caesar!

In an alternate Ancient Rome, an obscure government department is about to be closed down – The Department for Good Ideas. The enigmatic founder, Titania, holds the key to the department’s survival. But she’s gone AWOL. Can the team track her down before they’re fed to the lions? Prepare for a comedy caper brimming with twists, turns, and togas.

Warning: contains adult humor.

Sounds awesome!

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Three dynamic reads spanning surrealism, satire, and slapstick

Delve into three immersive and unconnected worlds that will make you shiver, think, and laugh.


Trios is the first collection of short stories by Marcus Martin, author of the award-winning Convulsive saga.

"Slight Hitch and Good Idea, Caesar! will have you laughing out loud"

- Reader's comments, Amazon UK