Part 1 of the international bestselling Convulsive series.


Satellites are down. A catastrophic chain reaction has begun. That’s when Lucy discovers humans aren’t the only threat to her survival… 


Earth has been contaminated by a lethal genetic scavenger. Lucy must adapt fast or perish. But this is a challenge unlike anything mankind has faced before.


No lightsabres, no warp engines, it’s just her against them. Lucy soon learns that survival will be brutal. Raw. Desperate. And it comes at a cost...


"A vivid, compelling page-turner"
- judges' comments.


  • WINNER: Global eBook Awards 2018 (GOLD)

  • WINNER: Readers' Favorite Awards 2018 (BRONZE)

  • WINNER: IndieB.R.A.G. Medallion 2018 (Sci-Fi)

Available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

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