Convulsive Box Set

The pandemic survival near-future thriller.

It uses your DNA against you.
It knows no mercy, and feels no pain.
As the old world burns, only one truth remains.

Get the #1 Bestselling series in one page-turning collection. It’s an apocalypse like no other…

It’s the middle of the night. The city’s in total blackout. As the last cell tower fails, Lucy gets a desperate warning.

“Worse is coming.”

In less than twenty four hours, mass looting will begin. Panic will quickly follow. Then violence. Technology has failed across the globe, and a disastrous chain reaction has begun. But as the people of San Francisco sleep, they have no idea what’s about to happen. Lucy must seize her chance to get ahead.

As the last bytes of data vanish into the ether, the old world will be lost. In its wake, billions of citizens will be stranded in defunct cities, unable to communicate, or coordinate. For the first time in millennia, our species will be truly vulnerable.

That’s when the pandemic hits.

They called it D4. It’s not an enemy you can fight. It’s a process. We’ve never seen anything like it. And it’s just the beginning…

A gripping dystopian page-turner, with a whole new take on the pandemic genre. Welcome to the world of Convulsive.

"A great combination of creature thriller and pandemic thriller... Loved it!" - Reader's comments on the series (Amazon USA).

The Convulsive boxset will appeal to fans of Pandemic and The Road.

Available in paperback, eBook, and Kindle Unlimited. Check out the opening chapters for free.

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Plunge into the epic. 

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