TRIBES: Convulsive Part 3

Lucy thought she’d found sanctuary. She was wrong...

Ambush. Struggle. Fight. The creatures are closing in and every decision is 
life or death. Lucy desperately needs help. But in the ruins of civilisation, 
the deadliest mistake is trust...


TRIBES is book three in the award-winning Convulsive series of gritty, dystopian thrillers by Marcus Martin.

Lucy's epic story continues in TRIBES: Convulsive Part 3. Join her as she faces her toughest battles yet.

"Like nothing I have read before... brilliantly done" - Reader's comments on the series (Amazon UK).

The Convulsive saga will appeal to fans of The Walking Dead and The Road.

Available in paperback & eBook. Check out the opening chapters for free.

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TRIBES - convulsive-part3 cover - v3 - l

Plunge into the epic. 

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